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L-Shaped Desks

L-Shaped Desks have Reversible Returns (the return is the smaller side desk) and you can place the Return on either the Right or Left Side. The Desks are available in many sizes, giving you the option to build your own L-Shaped Desk.

First, select the Desk Shell size you want. The Desk Shells are available in 71x41 Bow Front, 66x35 Bow Front, and Straight Fronts in 71x36, 71x30, 66x30, 60x30, 48x30, 71x24, 66x24, 60x24.


Second, select the Return Shell size you want. You may also use a Desk Shell as a Return, so Returns are available in all the sizes above, including 47x24, 42x24, 36x24, 30x24, 24x24.

Third, select the type of Drawers you want. There are 3-Drawer Pedestals, which are Box/Box/File Drawers, and 2-Drawer Pedestals, which are File/File Drawers. You may also choose to have no drawers.

The L-Desks are available in many Durable, Thick, Easy-To-Clean Laminate Finishes and you may also mix and match different colors, such as a Gray Desk Shell with White Drawers, or any combo you like.

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